Hot Water

Hot water systems  -  supply, installation, replace & repair

Hot water system installation

North Lakes Plumbing are Brisbane's gas and electric hot water system specialists and will advise you on all types of hot water systems to best suit your needs.


From instantaneous gas hot water heaters to electric and solar powered tank systems, North Lakes Plumbing can also repair, replace or service your hot water systems.

Hot water system breakdown & repair

Hot water heater break-down can cause disruption to your household. It may be a simple repair such as a fuse replacement or the entire system may require replacing. North Lakes Plumbing will diagnose the break down cause and advise on the best course of action.


Should your water heater require replacement, this can be arranged quickly and easily with our extensive network of water heater suppliers and plumbing equipment suppliers.

Gas & instantaneous hot water heaters

Instantaneous gas hot water systems are often utilised where space is at a premium as they are the perfect compact hot water system solution.


North Lakes Plumbing can install, repair or replace any gas hot water system along with providing advice on efficiency and the current popular hot water systems on the market.