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Blocked drains, toilets, sinks and pipes

Drains, toilets, sinks and pipes generally become clogged due to foreign objects.


Blockages can causes backwash problems and flooding which potentially can prove a very expensive process of replacing and repairing damaged property.


Partially blocked drains, toilets and sinks can cause odours and are also a flood risk to the immediate surrounds.


It is always recommended to hire an experienced and qualified plumber. Blocked drain D.I.Y. may provide temporary relief, however blockages often return and can cause fast localised flooding when they do.


If the drainage problem is detected by an experienced plumber, a more permanent solution to your drainage problems can be put in place.

Drain blockages caused by tree roots

Tree roots can cause drain flow, leakage and clogging problems. As trees grow and become large, they can crack pipes, invade the pipe cavity and cause backflow issues.


Drain repair will involve removal of the tree root and possible replacement of the affected section of drain. The aim is to provide a permanent repair solution to the broken and blocked drains.

CCTV blockage location

When the pipe network is underground or inaccessible, North Lakes Plumbing can conduct a survey and investigation of your blocked water pipes using a CCTV blockage locator camera.


We are fully equipped to survey and repair your clogged drains by pinpointing and rectifying any stubborn blockage including blocked sinks, sewer, storm water, external drains and removing major obstacles such as trees.

Drainage solutions

North Lakes Plumbing is fully equipped and experienced to identify and pinpoint drainage problems on your property.  We will offer our honest recommendations to alleviate the problem thus protecting your home and / or business.

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