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Hot Water Repairs & Replacement 

Looking for hot water repairs nearby? 

So, your hot water has packed it in again and you need a reliable plumber to get your hot showers back in working order pronto? Don’t endure cold showers for weeks while you wait for the right part to come in the mail, or waste time doing the hardware shop hop. Call North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co for immediate hot water system repairs.

Trust The Hot Water System Repair Experts

When your hot water system starts acting up, you want to call in the experts. We have been North Lake’s leading hot water system repair experts for over 15 years. We service the entire Brisbane northside area, with plumbers scattered across the region. If you need emergency hot water repairs or just a check-up, we can have someone to your door in no time. 


We have the experience and expertise to diagnose any issues with your hot water heaters or systems and offer same-day service for most jobs we get called out to.


To schedule repairs for hot water systems, please contact us during our office hours at (07) 3491 8489 or after hours at 0418 797 940. You can fill out our submission form to book your repair today.


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Why Is My Hot Water System Not Working? Common Causes of Repairs

So, your hot water system has decided to go on the fritz, has it? Don't worry. It happens to all of us at some point. The good news is the problem is usually an easy fix. Here are some of the common causes of issues in hot water systems are:

  • Pilot light gone out: The little flame that ignites the burner can go out from time to time. Not a huge deal, your plumber can relight it in a jiffy.

  • Faulty thermostat: If the water's not heating up enough or it's too hot, the thermostat that controls the temperature may need replacement.

  • Leaky tank or pipes: If you notice water pooling around the base of your hot water system or dripping from the pipes, you've likely sprung a leak that needs patching or pipe repair.

  • Sediment buildup: Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate in the tank and pipes, reducing efficiency. A flush of the system will get things flowing freely again.

Should your diagnostics point to a more serious issue, like a broken burner, damaged tank, or other component failure, your best option is replacement. Why waste time and money on costly repairs when a new, energy-efficient system can be installed, often on the same day?
The team at North Lakes Plumbing have seen it all when it comes to hot water woes, so you can rest assured your hot water maintenance is in good hands. We can handle repairs on all types of hot water systems from electric hot water systems, gas hot water systems and solar hot water systems.
Give us a ring for emergency repairs, routine maintenance, or a brand-new installation using the highest quality components. The hot water will be flowing in no time at all - just the way it should be.

Signs You Need Emergency Hot Water System Repairs

Serious signs that you need emergency repairs are:

No hot water

If you've got no hot water at all coming from your taps, your water heater likely needs professional attention immediately. This could indicate issues like a faulty thermostat, heating element or plumbing connections that need diagnosis and repair or replacement by a licenced plumber.

Strange noises

Hearing loud banging, rumbling or grinding noises coming from your hot water system? This could signal problems with components like the tank, valves or plumbing pipes that require urgent inspection and servicing.

Leaking or dripping

Notice water pooling around the base of your system or dripping from the unit itself? Call a plumber straight away as this could lead to water damage if left unaddressed. They can determine if repairs or a new water heater installation are needed.

Inefficient or slow hot water

If your hot water systems take forever to warm up or aren't heating water to the proper temperature, your hot water systems may need maintenance or replacement of parts like the heating element, thermostat or tank.

Ageing unit

If your hot water systems are more than 10-15 years old, it's a good idea to call a plumber to assess if it needs replacement. Older models are less energy efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Replacing with a modern unit (like solar hot water systems or more effective electric/gas options) can cut costs and prevent emergency call-outs.

For fast, affordable emergency hot water system repairs or replacement in Brisbane, call North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co. We offer 24/7 servicing and can get your hot water back on track ASAP.

When Do You Need to Replace Hot Water Systems Instead of Repair Hot Water Systems?

The average hot water system lasts 8-12 years, so if your unit is getting up there in age, it may be time for replacement. Just like an old car, you can keep shoving money into it until it fails for good, but more regular hot water system repair can be an expensive and needless habit. Instead organising a hot water system replacement can save you stress and energy costs. 
Big signs that your hot water system is past its glory days are: 


  • Noticeable rusting or mineral buildup inside or outside the tank. This means your water quality may be compromised and once rust is established it's a big hassle to remove it.

  • Increased energy bills. If your energy bills have spiked recently, your water heater could be the culprit. As units age, they become less efficient and have to work harder to heat water. We can help you find the right new hot water system to reduce those power bills.

  • Safety issues. If you’ve begun to feel uncomfortable walking beside your hot water tank, that’s the clearest sign that you need to hire an expert to replace it. Raddling, high-pitched noises and clanking indicate your system may not be safe anymore. Never continue using an unsafe water heater.


If your heater shows multiple signs of failure or is over 10-15 years old, replacement is probably your best option. Don't wait until your hot water system breaks. Brisbane hot water plumber | North Lakes Plumbing can install an efficient new unit to ensure you have plenty of hot water for years to come. Should you require replacement, this can be arranged quickly and easily.

Trust Brisbane's Leading Hot Water Plumbers for hot water Repairs and Replacement

Fast, Affordable Hot Water Repairs

Whether your hot water system needs minor hot water repairs or more extensive work, North Lakes Plumbing's licenced plumbers can handle the job. We strive to provide prompt, affordable emergency hot water plumbing services so you're not left without hot water for long. Our fully equipped vans carry a wide range of parts and equipment so we can complete most hot water system repairs on the spot without delay.

Replacement Options

If your hot water heater has reached the end of its lifespan or repairs are not cost-effective, replacement may be the best option. We can arrange for quick installation of a new efficient system from our network of suppliers. We offer a range of tank and tankless water heaters from major brands like Rheem, Reliance and Dux to suit your specific needs and budget. We can replace all hot water tank types including: electric hot water system, gas hot water system, continuous flow or solar hot water systems.


Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

At North Lakes Plumbing, we stand behind all our plumbing services. Our licenced plumbers are trained to provide high-quality hot water system repairs, new hot water system installation and replacement of hot water systems.
For prompt, reliable hot water system repairs, hot water emergency plumbing or scheduled maintenance and replacement of your residential or commercial hot water system, trust the leading experts at North Lakes Plumbing. We service all areas of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today for emergency repairs or a free quote on replacement options


Hot Water System Repair. Call North Lakes Plumbing 

When your hot water system goes kaput, the last thing you want is a cold shower. Call the hot water specialists at North Lakes Plumbing and they’ll have your hot water systems back on today. If you need a replacement, we can remove your old hot water system and install a new one. 

24/7 Emergency Service

North Lakes Plumbing offers emergency hot water system installation and repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our licenced plumbers are on call and ready to roll for any hot water emergency. Whether your hot water system has sprung a leak, the pilot light won’t stay lit, or you have no hot water at all, we’ll diagnose the issue and have the parts on hand to fix or replace your system right away.

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