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Burst pipes  |  Leaks

Burst pipe repairs  |  Rapid flow leaks & leaking taps

Burst pipes

Burst pipes should be attended to immediately. If water is gushing out of the broken pipe, the mains water should be turned off. The tap for the water mains supply is generally located in a water meter box on the council strip at the front of the home.


Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency and calling an all hours qualified plumber is advisable. North Lakes Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency repair services across the Brisbane region.

Rapid flow leaks  |  Leaking taps and drain pipes

Rapid flow leaks should be attended to immediately.


Leaking taps and mixers are not only annoying but result in wasted water and large water bills.  A leaking tap stem is usually a result of washer wear or breakdown.

Leaking drain pipes may cause damage / stains to the cupboards under your sink and vanity.

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