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No requests too big or too small

North Lakes Plumbing provide all residential and commercial plumber and gasfitting services including broken pipes, leaking taps and drains, toilet blockages and drainage problems using CCTV plus hotwater repairs and installation.
Residential & Commercial Brisbane Plumbing Services
  • Hot water systems  -  supply, installation, replace & repair

  • Water tanks and water pumps  -  supply, installation, replace & repair

  • Water saving devices  -  supply & installation

  • Blocked drains

  • Blocked toilets

  • Sink blockages

  • Blocked pipes

  • CCTV pipe blockage location

  • Burst pipe repairs and rapid flow leaks

  • Leaking taps

  • Leak location

  • Storm-water drainage & downpipe repair

  • Back-flow prevention

  • Drainage solutions

  • Water filter installation

  • Gas services

North Lakes Plumbing provide after hours and emergency plumber, gasfitter and hot water repair services.
Emergency plumbing services
24 hours 7 days per week

Emergency call-outs including evenings & weekends

If it is after normal working hours and you have a plumbing emergency, you can rely on North Lakes Plumbing to send a qualified Tradesmen to assist you anywhere in Brisbane.

North Lakes Plumbing provide domestic and commercial Gas Compliance Certificates, Plates and Badges on the Brisbane Northside.
Gas Compliance Certificates

What is a Gas Compliance Certificate, Plate or Badge?

Accordance with Standards & Regulations

In summary :

  • A gas compliance certificate is documentation that the gas installation complies with the standards and regulations issued by the governing body. 

  • It is issued by the gas fitter who performs the installation. 

Source  -  LPG Gas Website Blog

Click here to read more about why you need a Gas Compliance Certificate.

North Lakes Plumbing provide domestic and commercial Water Efficiency Certificates, also known as Water Compliance Certificates, on the Brisbane Northside.
Water Efficiency Certificates
(also known as a Water Compliance Certificate)

Proving water efficiency

It is a good idea for the property manager/owner to be able to demonstrate the presence of water efficient fittings by having copies of:

  • plumbing reports (or compliance certification)


Source  -  Residential Tenancies Authority Website

Are you a Landlord?  Click here to read more about why it can save you money to have a Water Efficiency Certificate in place.

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