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What is the Most Efficient Type of Hot Water System?

North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co hot water systems, hot water, rheem hot water systems

There are plenty of hot water systems on the market, and it can be pretty overwhelming knowing what to purchase. Here at North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co we’re not just one of the top #15 suppliers of Rheem hot water systems in Australia, we truly stand by this product too. Learn more about why we think Rheem hot water systems are one of the most efficient types of hot water systems below.

The Results Are In…

According to Canstar Blue’s reviews, Rheem hot water systems received five stars for reliability, effectiveness, quietness while operating, and ease of use. Rheem was also the only brand that received five stars in overall satisfaction. So, there is no doubt about why Rheem received the award for Most Satisfied Customers. A few other reputable brands included Dux, Vulcan and Thermann.

North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co hot water systems, hot water, rheem hot water systems

Rheem produces a lot of different hot water systems to fit all purposes. Stainless steel teel systems for those looking for extra durability, compact systems for those who are tight on space, extra-large models for those with room to spare – basically anything you need, Rheem can supply. Similarly, they stock a range of heat pumps and hot water storage systems. You name it, Rheem’s got it, and 9 out of 10 times, North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co can install it for you.

If you live in a gully or a mountainous area of Brisbane, you might be worried about the ongoing costs of hot water, but Rheem has even considered that too. In instances where the hot water system doesn’t attract much sunlight, Rheem has a range of heat pumps that use heat from the surrounding air to reduce the amount of heating required.

Electric or Gas?

North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co hot water systems, hot water, rheem hot water systems

The age-old question – electric or gas? Thankfully, the top contender for customer satisfaction, Rheem, supplies both. But if you’re not sure about which one to choose, here’s a little breakdown.

Typically, gas is cheaper than an electric system, but there are benefits to both. If you’re connected to main gas or have a gas bottle already set up at your property, it can be a great choice to have a gas hot water system, as they have the ability to only heat the water used; this is called a continuous flow unit. . Meanwhile, electric hot water systems can be better for properties with several people where larger storage is required.. If you’ve got solar panels in your home, you can save a few extra dollars on electricity for your hot water system as well.

Choose North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co for Your Hot Water Installation

Regardless of what you choose, North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co are here to help. We can guide you through the process of making a choice that's right for you and help you arrange and install it. Give us a call on (07) 3491 8489 to chat to one of our friendly admin team members today.

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