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Does Same-Day Hot Water System Replacement Really Happen That Same Day?

There are a lot of plumbing businesses that offer a ‘same-day’ service when it comes to a hot water system replacement, but how true are these claims? Here at North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co, we’re proudly committed to tending to each and every call we receive that same day.

Better yet, if we can’t help, we’ll do our best to hook you up with something in the interim, and more often than not, we’re able to ensure that nobody goes without a warm shower in the morning. Continue reading to learn more about how we can offer this great service and more.

Top #15 Suppliers of Rheem

We’re proud to be one of the top 15 suppliers of Rheem hot water systems in Brisbane, and because of that, we’ve got a really great relationship with the crew there. When we need a hot water system, they’ll happily deliver it to your door, and one of our guys will install it. This kind of symbiotic service allows us to minimise the handling time of your hot water system delivery. It goes straight from the supplier to you and one of our friendly team won’t be far behind to install it.

Temporary Hot Water Systems

In the instance that there is a delay in delivering your hot water system, or there is something out of the ordinary causing a hold-up, we’ve got several temporary solutions that we can come and install in the meantime. Our temporary hot water systems exist so that we can easily ensure that our customers don’t have to go without the bare necessities!

Phone Call Troubleshooting

Lastly, something that is a standard part of our service is on-the-phone troubleshooting. We aim to minimise the amount of money you have to spend, so if we’re able to step you through some simple troubleshooting on the phone, we will. Not everything will be able to be fixed remotely, but we’ll walk you through some basic steps that may help or at least prolong the life of your hot water system until we can send a plumber out there to fix it. We don’t charge you anything for this, it’s just something we offer because we want to give our customers the best service possible.

Here at North Lakes Plumbing & Gas Co, we really mean it when we say same-day hot water system services. If there is ever a problem, we aim to give you the best solutions possible in the interim. Give us a call on (07) 3491 8489 during business hours, 0418 797 940 for after-hours emergencies or contact us here to inquire about your hot water system replacement.

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